About the Program of the Governor's School of Virgina

For Current Students

Colonial Forge High School Site Faculty

Ms. Jackie Beazley – Science
Mrs. Diane Briggs – Math
Mr. Donald Briggs – Science
Mr. Tom Coen – Social Studies
Mrs. Megan Hagans –  Science
Mr. James Mulreany – English
Mr. David Shotwell – Social Studies
Mr. Mike Thompson – Math

North Stafford School Site Faculty

Ms. Sharon Adamavage – Math
Mr. Andrew Allshouse – Science
Ms. Cynthia Christopherson – English
Mrs. Joan Darby – Social Studies
Mrs. Kathy Thompson – Math

Stafford High School Site Faculty

Ms. Deborah Kresho – Math
Mrs. Jennifer Pogue – Science
Mrs. Eileen Raines – Math
Mr. Jeff Rine – Social Studies
Mrs. Joanna Seitz – Science
Mrs. Winona Siegmund – English


Riverbend High School Faculty

Mr. Kevin Bywaters – Science
Mr. James Conlee – Math
Mr. Trent Garrison – Science
Mr. Lawrence Letellier – Social Studies
Mr. Ernie Meier – English
Mr. Edgar Morris – Science
Mrs. Sherri Oesterheld – Math
Mrs. Julia Olson – English
Mr. Robert Stack – Social Studies

Spotsylvania High School Site Faculty

Ms. Lisa Green – Science
Mrs. Stephenie Fellinger – English
Mr. Shawn Kelley – Social Studies
Mrs. Constance Kronander – Math
Mr. Patrick Maginnis – Social Studies
Mr. Jim McNamee – Math
Mr. Brad Miller – Science
Dr. Steven Peppers – Science
Mr. David Sellers – English

King George High School Site Faculty

Ms. Faith Calleson – Science
Ms. Erica McGuinness – Social Studies
Mr. Daniel McNamara – Math
Ms. Kelley Ross – English
Mr. Larry Saylor – Science
Mr. Donald Saunders – Math