Field Experiences


A field experience is a school-sponsored and school-chaperoned activity, which provides an effective means of accomplishing the stated goals of the instructional program. Field experiences are an important part of the CGS experience. The purposes of these educational experiences are to:

1) provide community-based learning opportunities;
2) focus on the four CGS community pillars of technology, community of leaders, community outreach, curriculum and instruction focus;
3) enable students to participate in real world problem-solving;
4) build a regional community of learners through face-to-face educational experiences;
5) reach into the community as both learners and contributors;


Transportation for field experiences will be restricted to school buses and commercially licensed carriers. When circumstances warrant an exception, a teacher or other duly licensed adult may be approved to drive a privately owned vehicle. In such cases, the owner’s insurance will be considered as “primary” coverage in the event of an accident. Under no circumstances may a student be used as a driver for a field experience.


All reasonable, foreseeable aspects of danger must be addressed and safety precautions must be in place. Students will be covered by the insurance policy of their school division.

Student Conduct

Students will be responsible to their school division’s code of conduct and field trip regulations.

Permission Slips

A permission slip signed by a parent/guardian is required each time that a student participates in a CGS sponsored field experience. Parents are to be notified of safety considerations and that they are responsible for medical treatment of any injuries.


Field experience opportunities will be offered to students. Depending on the travel time and learning objectives, field experiences will be taken during regular CGS school time, half day or full day during school time, during the evening or on the weekends.


Transportation costs will be funded by the Commonwealth Governor’s School. Additional costs such as admission tickets, meals, snacks, etc., will be the responsibility of each student. No student will be denied access to a field trip due to the inability to pay any additional costs.

Additional Chaperones

If the number of staff is not sufficient to safeguard students, parents will be asked to accompany the group. Additional adult chaperones shall be provided on the ratio of a minimum of one adult per fifteen students. Chaperones will be responsible for admission tickets, meals, snacks, etc.